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TGR, Ep. 15: Fighting words with Darnell Mayberry

KRSTIC!!!!  TGR is here give you their “play by play” of the new found ”grit”and ”toughness” Krstic showed in his come from behind sucker punches and his stealth in getting away.  Great and funny stuff.

Then we talked with Darnell Mayberry about all things NBA, the Krstic brawl and also that halftime show with the unicycle lady who tosses the bowls on her head… classic!

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Episode breakdown:

  • 00:00 – 01:55: Intro
  • 01:55 – 15:53: Krstic Watch
  • 15:53 – 38:07: Darnell Mayberry
  • 38:07 – 39:16: Closing