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Russell Westbrook & Paul George All-Star Game Recap

Russell Westbrook & Paul George All-Star Game Recap

Team LeBron came away with All-Star Game victory on Sunday night in Charlotte, erasing a 26-point deficit to take the 178-164 final score. As members of the losing squad, Paul George and Russell Westbrook saw a decent amount of run and made some highlight plays in the process. Here’s a quick look at how the Thunder’s superstar duo performed.

Paul George

Stats: 20 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds, 7/14 FG, 6/12 3P, 26 min.

Play of the Game: Just a casual reverse 360 in transition. Probably better than every non-Diallo dunk in last night’s Slam Dunk Contest.

PG13 also hit James Harden with a pair of step-back threes in the third quarter. It was like that meme of the two Spiderman’s (Spidermen?) pointing at one another.

Outside of the clips above, George just shot threes and made some plays defensively. Shot 6-of-12 from deep so he looks like he’ll keep it rolling through the break this season. Thumbs up.

Russell Westbrook

Stats: 17 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 8/20 FG, 1/8 3P, 19 min.

Play of the Game: Russ turned down a wide-open dunk in the second quarter — instead, finding PG in the corner before running back down the floor with an arm raised as his teammate let it fly.

He also put Bradley Beal in the spin cycle during the third quarter. Finished a tough shot at the rim.

Unlike previous All-Star Games, Russ didn’t suddenly turn into Steph Curry from long range — he made just 1-of-8 on the night. But Westbrook played nice, didn’t fight teammate Joel Embiid, and looked like he was cool with just having a good time. I usually feel like he’s playing harder than everyone else in these, but tonight he was one of the guys.

Kevin Durant took home MVP honors with 31 points for Team LeBron. Here are the full All-Star Game highlights if you’re interested:

And your box score: