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Hamidou Diallo Wins 2019 Slam Dunk Contest

Hamidou Diallo Wins 2019 Slam Dunk Contest

Despite entering with the lowest odds to win, Hamidou Diallo went to Charlotte and walked out as the winner of the 2019 Slam Dunk Contest. Diallo stood out among the four-man field, wowing the crowd with several unreasonably athletic jams — including an elbow-hang after leaping over 7’1″ Hall-of-Famer, Shaquille O’Neal.

Check the full highlights here or keep scrolling for the individual dunks:

First Round

Dunk 1: Hami got things started by having Russell Westbrook assist with a perfectly placed bounce off the corner of the backboard. Diallo caught it, dunked it, and squatted down for an odd celebration that wouldn’t look cool if I did it. Score: 48/50

Dunk 2: So this is where Hami won the night — which probably would have been true even if he had ultimately lost the contest. After declaring he wanted to jump over the biggest person in the building, Diallo had Shaq stand in front of the rim, jumped over him, then executed a Vince Carter-esque elbow hang. Best dunk of the night and the one highlight you’re most likely to see over and over. Score: 50/50


Dunk 1: After Dennis Smith Jr. failed to get a dunk to drop in the front end of the finals, Diallo opted to play it safe with his third jam of the night. Although it’s “safe” by dunk contest standards, it’s impressive any time someone jumps and levitates to the point they’re eye-level with the rim. Score: 43/50

Dunk 2: Diallo needed 43 points to secure the win with his final dunk of the night. He brought out Quavo (of Migos fame) for another fun game of “Watch me jump over this dude.” Mission accomplished. Score: 45/50

While it wasn’t a Vinsanity, MJ, or Nique-level dunk contest that will be remembered for years to come, it was a nice showing for the Thunder’s rookie second rounder. He was the most consistent dunker, with the night’s best dunk, so it was cool to see him introduce himself to the world on the big stage.