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Report Card (Extra Credit): Darius Bazley’s 2020 Grade

Report Card (Extra Credit): Darius Bazley’s 2020 Grade

When the season shut down in March, we turned in our 2019-20 season report card knowing that basketball as we knew it was concluding for a long while. That’s how the NBA handled their 2019-20 awards as well–only counting the games played before the pandemic suspension in awards voting. But basketball did come back, and the Thunder’s players earned bonus points over the final stretch.

Previous Grade: B-

New Grade: B

Darius Bazley’s performance during the playoffs is just one of many reasons for optimism in Oklahoma City moving forward. After spending much of the regular-season with his foot slammed down on the gas pedal, the game seemed to slow down for the rookie in the playoffs. If Bazley can continue to refine his unique blend of length and shiftiness, his drives to the hoop will serve as the ideal complement to his improving jumper.

Bazley looked noticeably more confident from deep in the postseason while exercising better judgment on his shot attempts. He shot 9-15 on catch and shoot threes en route to a scorching 50 percent shooting from beyond the arc. At only twenty years old, Bazley is far from a finished product. After his performance against Houston, look for Bazley to take a significant step forward during his sophomore campaign.