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Mr. Presti’s Neighborhood Podcast: Nah Nah, Zaza

Mr. Presti’s Neighborhood Podcast: Nah Nah, Zaza

Episode 33: Nah Nah, Zaza

On this episode, host Brandon Rahbar is joined by Daily Thunder contributor, David Brandon, and one of Brandon’s former radio co-hosts, Jacob Mann (aka Lil’ J Rock).


  • What should we take away from Saturday night’s Warriors game?
  • Did Zaza intentionally fall on Russ? Is he a dirty player?
  • Is the trio of Huestis, Abrines and Ferguson the worst SG rotation you’ve ever seen in the NBA?
  • Is the Thunder going to make a buyout move? If so, for who?
  • The 3–10 seeds are pretty much a tossup. Where does the Thunder finish? Does it matter if it’s not in the 7th or 8th spot?

Connect to this week’s guests:
David Brandon – @birdrightsnba
Jacob Mann – @jacobismann

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