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Monday Rewind: October 28 – November 3

Monday Rewind: October 28 – November 3

Thunder defeat Clippers 128-110

  • This Clippers team is the kind of squad that will probably disrupt the Western Conference standings all season. They’re pesky and seem poised to grab their fair share of wins. As it stands early in the season, they’re at 7th (5-4)… a spot above the Thunder in the Western Conference.
  • Despite trailing 67-54 at the half, The Thunder win this one due in large part to a 23-2 run to start the third quarter. OKC would outscore the Clippers 39-10 in the quarter.
  • Rock the Baby is becoming a thing and I’m absolutely loving it.
  • Westbrook’s explanation for the celebration via Royce Young: “Yeah, you got little kids, you got little babies, put ’em to sleep. That’s what happens. Little guards, you gotta rock ’em.”
  • Listen, I’ve always respected Beverley’s hustle and ability to pester the opposing team. But given the history here, this is a really, really dirty play to me:
  • Shout out to hamfists and Old Man Game in the Daily Thunder comment section. You seem to echo my thoughts:
  • Also the Mayor of Oklahoma City:

Thunder Unveil 18-19 “City Edition” Uniforms

via OKCThunder.com
  • I absolutely love these. They’re modern. They’ve got culture. And as the pictures have shown, they look awesome with orange sleeves/tights.
  • Between the Navy “Statement” jerseys, the grey 17-18 “City” jerseys, and these… Nike is really trying to help the Thunder out.
  • Opinions are always going to be split but these have really gained some positive feedback from fans:
  • And if you don’t like them, just remember — they aren’t as bad as Milwaukee’s:

Thunder Beat Hornets 111-107

  • Paul George was baaaaad in this one. 4-of-20 shooting and 0-of-10 from deep.
  • George revealed after the game that he’s been dealing with “dead foot”, a nerve issue. This sounds terrifying.
  • Here’s how Daily Thunder’s Olivia Panchel describes the issue:
“Peroneal nerve palsy most commonly results from compression of the fibular nerve located on the outer side of the calf and results in numbness and partial or incomplete ability to lift the foot (“drop foot”). If the compression is minimal (as it appears to be in George’s case since he plans to play through it), specific physical therapy techniques, ankle braces, or orthotics can be used to lessen compression on the nerve and reduce numbness. There is a surgical method for relieving fibular nerve compression, but there’s no indication from George or the Thunder medical staff that he needs surgery.” – Oliva Panchel (DailyThunder.com)
  • Alex Abrines was great in this one. 25 points on 9-of-15 shooting, 5-of-10 from long range.
  • Are we seeing “contract year” Alex or just the continued growth of a young player?
  • Westbrook mimicking his moves after he does them is next-level taunting:

Thunder Crush the Wizards 134-111

  • 79-point first half for the Thunder ties the franchise record.
  • 44-point second quarter is a franchise-record.
  • I know the Wizards are struggling but this felt like an important win. Washington was desperate and had Dwight Howard back. The Thunder went in and took care of business. Color me impressed.
  • “Rock the Baby” is definitely a thing, isn’t it?
  • 22 points for Jerami Grant in this one on 9-of-11 shooting. (2-of-3 from deep)
  • So to break down the season quickly: Westbrook is out for the first two games and hardly looked up-to-speed the next two. The Kings have actually started the season hot, and Boston is a pretty darn good basketball team. The Thunder have won four straight games. Things are trending in the right direction.

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