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Monday Bolts – 7.4.11

Monday Bolts – 7.4.11

Happy Freedom everyone. Enjoy your toasty Fourth of July wherever you may be. Here’s a video of KD and Russ representing the red, white and blue well.

Serge Ibaka might consider playing in Spain: “While vacationing in Spain, Ibaka recently told a radio station that he would be open to returning to Spain, where he played for two seasons prior to officially joining the Thunder. “If there is a lockout, and there are not many complications to play in the CBA, I would like to return here to play,” Ibaka is quoted as saying.”

Berry Tramel writes that the Thunder could be totally cool coming out of a lockout: “There’s the real shine to this Thunder team. The roster is set. Everybody is under contract except Daequan Cook, and who among us believes Daequan won’t sign on as soon as he’s allowed? Few NBA teams have such a non-makeover. And the Thunder won’t in the future. But this off-season is unique. The Thunder of last season will be the Thunder of next season, with the addition of Reggie Jackson, and Mister October will be pulled along to whatever port the vets announce. That’s what made the signing of Mohammed so important this week. The only possible roster gap was filled.”

Susan Bible of HoopsWorld ranks the Northwest: “Expectations are high Kendrick Perkins will return at 100% health, a bit lighter and ready to duplicate the production he provided in Boston. The Thunder welcomes, via the 24th pick in the draft, versatile 6’3″ guard Reggie Jackson, a mini-Russell Westbrook.  Though not confirmed, James Harden may be moved to the starting lineup leaving Eric Maynor and Jackson to come off the bench together.”

Some Minnesota people are so into noodling that they became Thunder fans: “These Minnesota residents are so ate up with noodling they became Oklahoma City Thunder fans during the NBA playoffs. They are even considering buying land in Oklahoma and have been growing beards the past two months to look more redneck. It’s intended as a compliment.”

Darnell Mayberry on how the Thunder will be affected by a lockout: “No negotiations: One of the most significant byproducts of this lockout is it has prevented the Thunder from starting important contract negotiations. All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook is eligible for a contract extension this summer, and reserve guard Daequan Cook is a restricted free agent. The Thunder can’t enter into negotiations with either player until the lockout has ended. In Westbrook’s case, the team would typically have until Oct. 31 to reach an agreement or Westbrook would be a restricted free agent next summer. But it’s unclear how a prolonged lockout would affect that timeline.”

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com’s prediction for when the lockout ends: “I am predicting Oct. 15. I think that will be the drop dead time for no regular season games to be lost, and ultimately I don’t think either side wants to go down that road.”