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Monday Bolts – 4.4.11

Monday Bolts – 4.4.11

Kurt Helin of PBT says OKC is on notice with Denver: “The Thunder have more size and more talent, they are more athletic. But Nuggets are going to make it very tough to beat them four times out of seven. This is a good team. And if the Thunder don’t bring it and are looking ahead to the second round they will not get there.”

Another who’s better from Chris Palmer of ESPN.com, this time between Blake Griffin and KD: “Despite his victory, Griffin has a long way to go. He isn’t particularly long and is bothered by post players who have exceptional length and must learn not to beat himself up when he makes a mistake. He could also stand to block more shots given his terrific hops. Durant is a phenomenal talent who can explode for 40 on any given night. But there’s a way to deal with him — be physical and push him as far out as possible to disrupt his rhythm. With Griffin, the league has figured out no such approach.” Yeah, Blake Griffin is not better than KD. Like in no way, shape or form.

Darnell Mayberry on how OKC struggles versus a zone: “As they backpedaled on defense, Steve Nash and Aaron Brooks took turns shouting instructions to their team. In the same manner, they both would raise both arms and clinch each of their hands into a fist. It was the point guards’ hand signal for the Phoenix Suns to get into a zone last Wednesday against the Thunder. Each time they did, the Thunder struggled to find an answer. That’s been a theme all season.”

Nice little feature on one-time Thunderer, Joe Smith.

Watch Serge Ibaka’s block of Blake Griffin over and over.

Check out Russell Westbrook in this Ozarka water commercial:

From Clipperblog: “Randy Foye played great defense on Durant and made some huge shots late in the fourth (that stepback, rebuttal 30 footer over Durant was insane) but he also played miserable defense on James Harden and ran the offense terribly for stretches in the second quarter. As it was, he made those giant buckets, and was a key to success, but he could have just as easily been the goat.”

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