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Monday Bolts – 4.30.12

Monday Bolts – 4.30.12

Nick Collison with a mailbag for GQ answering which Thunder players would survive a Zombie apocolypse: I think most of us would. We are used to running and pushing through fatigue. We are used to being in stressful situations together, and we have each others’ backs. Sadly, however, I think we would lose a couple guys. Take, for instance, Reggie Jackson, our rookie, who cannot seem to stay awake for any extended period of time and passes out on all flights within five minutes, as he did here with Serge Ibaka and Cole Aldrich. I fear Reggie would doze off somewhere and the zombies would get to him. I think Kendrick Perkins would be OK at first, but eventually he would look at a zombie and not like the way the zombie was looking at him. If you know Perk the way I know Perk, you know he wouldn’t be able to resist getting face to face with the zombie and letting him know he doesn’t play. He could fight off a few of the zombies, but eventually there would be too many, and I’m worried he wouldn’t make it. Meanwhile, James Harden would definitely survive, because a zombie is not going to want to get any of that beard in his throat while trying to eat his brain.”

Jordan Kahn of Hickory High breaking down some OKC offense: “On Durant’s game winning basket Shawn Marion played great defense, as many pundits have already noted. However, the way the play was originally set up, Durant would not have had to deal with Marion at all. With Westbrook inbounding the ball, Kendrick Perkins sets a screen for Durant to come receive the ball. The Mavs switch on the screen, leaving Ian Mahinmi to guard Durant. This would be a big mismatch, but Delonte West effectively denies the inbounds pass. Durant is forced to come back to the top of the key to receive the ball, where Marion is waiting. The Mavs switch back and get their best defender back onto Durant. Durant hits a great shot anyway, but perhaps things could have been much easier against Mahinmi.”

You know, Serge looks pretty good stroking this 3.

Jason Terry vows to be better in crunch time.

Ibaka on this charge he’s grabbing and holding Dirk: “I no worry about. Me or my teammate, we don’t worry about the ref or the foul. We just try to play basketball and play hard. We know it’s playoff basketball. Maybe next game, we get some foul. Can’t be worrying about they give us foul or we give them foul. I know it’s hard to play defense on Dirk, but we did great. All the other big, me, Perk, Nick, Naz.”

KD saying he loves Oklahoma for the billionth time.

The Clippers 28-3 run last night was pretty crazy.

KD talking about the game-winner yesterday: “I took a glance at it when I was dribbling,” Durant said, smiling. “I took so many shots since I’ve been playing this game, you kind of now where you are on the floor and I’ve been working on that pull-up for a while. It’s a difficult shot over two guys, but Shawn Marion did a great job of contesting, and I got that bounce. And you always hear about the shooter’s bounce. I’m glad it went in for me.”

Russell Westbrook’s top 10 plays of the year.

Thunderground Radio recap from Game 1.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of ESPN Dallas says the Mavs have to slow down Westbrook: “At one level, we shouldn’t be surprised at Westbrook’s effectiveness because he’s bigger, faster, quicker and stronger than Jet. It’s just that he usually expends so much energy on offense that playing defense isn’t at the top of his priority list. But these are the playoffs and priorities change. Controlling Westbrook is now the Mavs’ top priority. If they can’t do it, then their championship reign will end within the next 13 days.”