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Monday Bolts: 11.18.19

Monday Bolts: 11.18.19

The Oklahoma City Thunder notched their most impressive win of the season on Friday.  Brandon Rahbar recaps the victory.

Chris Paul played a critical role for the Thunder, and Dwayne Wade has taken notice of Paul’s leadership:

Paul went to the free-thrown line a season-high twelve times and converted all twelve attempts.  Why did CP3 get so many trips to the charity stripe?  A little ole thing called the ‘rip move,” writes Maddie Lee (The Oklahoman).

More praise for Chris Paul: Erik Horne (The Athletic) discusses how Paul is leaving his mark on the Thunder.

Maddie Lee (The Oklahoma) says the Thunder are building chemistry on and off the court.   “‘I think we are at a good point,’ a sunglasses-sporting Gallinari said Friday, ‘but we have a long season ahead of us and a long way (to go). We have a lot of things we have to work on and get better. So, it’s just the beginning now.'”

Paul George is back and looks as good as ever.  And there’s a possibility that the Thunder’s match-up in Los Angeles tonight will feature a fully-loaded Los Angeles Clippers team:

ICYMI: Darius Bazley put Joel Embiid on a poster.  Somewhere in Houston, Russell Westbrook was grinning ear to ear.

How about Terrance Ferguson?  Ferguson scored a season-high 19 points, including five Thunder money balls:

Ferguson said he was inspired by the presence of his daughter:

Bazley and Deonte Burton engaged in a cooking showdown, with Hamidou Diallo as the judge:

This may be the most interesting article you’ll read all year.  How a trade for a second-round pick in 1997 turned into Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Danilo Gallinari, and potentially seven first-round picks.  “The Thunder essentially swapped their today for the Clippers’ tomorrow.  There has never been a trade with so much future value on one side.  The player they draft in 2026 might very well be doing his sixth-grade homework right now–and Presti is the first to admit that he couldn’t have imagined how one of his first decisions in 2007 would be paying dividends now.”

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