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Monday Bolts – 1.2.12

Monday Bolts – 1.2.12

John Rohde has New Year’s resolutions for players. I like Perk’s: “Ivey was in the middle of his response when Perkins walked by and bellowed, “I’ve got a New Year’s resolution. You want to know what it is?” Sure. “’No.’ My New Year’s Resolution is the word, ‘No.'” Thunder players broke out in laughter. As he spoke, Perkins was busy trying to come up with enough extra tickets for Saturday night’s home game against Phoenix. Perk then continued with his rant. “Perk, do you have some extra tickets? NO.” “Perk, can I have? NO.” “Perk? NO.” Laughter rolled throughout the Thunder locker room.”

From Elias: “Kevin Durant scored only 12 points in Oklahoma City’s win over Phoenix. It was the 17th time in his NBA career that Durant scored 12 or fewer points in a game. The Sonics/Thunder are 2-15 in those 17 games, with the only other win coming on December 29, 2007 when the Sonics beat the Timberwolves, 109-90.”

A pixel KD painting.

Via ESPN Stats and Info: “With the win, the Thunder are off to their best start since … the last lockout-shortened season, back in 1999. But strong starts haven’t always yielded the best results come playoff time. Of their 4 best starts to a season in franchise history, two ended with a 1st-round playoff exit and another without a playoff appearance at all (though the other instance did yield an NBA crown during the 1978-79 season).”

“The Durantula,” episode two.

Scott Brooks blamed the short training camp for not starting James Harden: “He’s fine where he’s at,” Brooks said. “I look at him as a sixth starter. He’s going to play enough minutes that he’s going to help us win games. And he’s fine with that. He’s about the team and it’s good to have that because he’s good enough to start.”

Byron Mullens has a PER of 21.2 so far this season. Just wanted to say that.

“Oh s— that’s my bone!” is my favorite NBA moment so far this year.

Have you seen the newest shirt? Thunder Never Stops.

Eric Pennell for Bleacher Report on Westbrook: “The only remaining question looming over Westbrook’s head, however, is whether or not he can be a good point guard. There is no question he is one of the 20 best players in the league, but being a point guard isn’t just about getting to the rim. It’s about decision making. It’s about tempo. It’s about getting the ball to the hot hand. It’s about getting others involved. It’s about protecting the ball. It’s about winning the game, not your stat line.”