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(Meta) Let’s comment about commenting

OK, so as you may have noticed, we have a bit of a commenting issue on our hands here at Daily Thunder dot com. LiveFyre, which has been the system for a number of years, was bought by Adobe and as of March 1 ceased as a public commenting system.

We did a week of Disqus, a popular, stable alternative. The reviews were mixed. We’re currently under a trial with HyperComments, a (Russian-owned, hi Donald!) commenting system that has some good stuff, and some not great stuff. Disqus has a good like system; HyperComments is “live.” There’s another option out there that we haven’t tried yet called Muut.

LiveFyre had its issues, but it was pretty well liked around here, probably mainly because of the comfort level and the fact it was part of the site for a while (DT was one of the first sites to adopt it). I fear change — it’s why Daily Thunder has had one re-design in nine years — so this is a challenge to figure out. I understand there’s no perfect solution, but I want to put something in place that, as much as possible, satisfies the commentariat.

I don’t spend much time in the comments, so this is up to y’all. I want to hear from you, because this is your commenting system. I know some folks have moved to other platforms, which is fine by me, but for the folks that stay here and want to comment, I want to find a stable, solid platform that people enjoy using.

So let’s take a minute here and hash this out over the next few days. By Monday, I want a new system in place that stays for the long term. This may shock the hivemind, but the commenting community at DT is a very small portion of the overall traffic base. Still, I want it to be a good experience for those that choose to continue to comment here.