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Introducing the KDII and the story behind them

I just find this fascinating. I’m no shoe guy in any way. I own like four pairs and my basketball shoes are the same set that I wore as a freshman in high school. But for some reason, I just find the design of Kevin Durant’s shoes intriguing. I actually think I want a pair. (My wife begs me for them every day, but she needs kid’s sizes and alas, there are none.) I love how there is a story told and I love how connected he is with the model. This video highlights the features of the new KDII and some colorways. Though I’m not too psyched about the Laker colorway. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY NIKE?

UPDATE: I can’t believe I missed this, but Clark Matthews makes a great point: “Anyone notice that at about the 1:25 mark, the designer pointed out something about the heal and said the feature meant ‘he won’t be popping out of his shoe.’ Tell that to Aron Afflalo.” After doing some hardcore investigative journalism, I believe Durant was wearing the KD1 when that play happened. Still humorous though.