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Greg Oden on KD playing well: “It bothers me a lot actually”

Today, Henry Abbott has a post up of him talking to Greg Oden about his injuries and issues he’s faced in his short career. Henry asks Oden if it bothers him to see Kevin Durant playing so well. And Oden responded, “It bothers me a lot actually.”

It’s kind of hard to tell if Oden is joking here because he smiles and says “But nah. Kevin’s good and that team is good and him being the captain of that team… he’s playing well. And when I see him playing well I get mad at myself.”

I don’t know Greg Oden well enough to know if this was dry sense of humor or if it genuinely bothers him to see KD play well. Which is understandable for the reasons Oden listed. It’s not like Oden has played poorly and underachieved. He’s just had horrible luck. And Oden knows he will forever be compared to KD, so to be held down by injuries while the guy drafted behind him is winning scoring titles at age 21, it surely has to get to him.

Oden finished up with this: “[Durant] is playing very well and I’m proud of him. He’s a friend of mine. Though I’d definitely like to be out there and maybe block his shot a few times.” Well, I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY GREG. (gets up from desk and pretends to be KD dunking over Oden)