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Friday Bolts: 8.4.17

Friday Bolts: 8.4.17

OKC signed Daniel Hamilton to the organization’s first two-way contract: “The Thunder on Thursday signed guard Daniel Hamilton to a two-way contract, the first in team history, that will allow him to spend up to 45 days with the NBA team this season while continuing to play for the Blue in the developmental G League. Hamilton, a 6-foot-6 shooting guard, played 49 games for the Blue last season. The 21-year-old averaged 14.9 points, eight rebounds and 4.6 assists per game, shooting 42.6 percent from the floor and 37.4 percent from 3-point range.”

Russell Westbrook was in OKC yesterday, but reportedly left without signing his extension: “Westbrook arrived in OKC late Wednesday night and was spotted around town on Thursday. But a Thunder spokesman confirmed that the trip into town was not for the purpose of signing a contract extension.”

Royce Young said the odds aren’t great that Paul George stays longer than one season:

Jenni Carlson asks why Westbrook’s contract extension is taking so long: “He’s gone to France and Mexico. He’s been to Disney. He’s done awards shows and red carpets and who knows what else, and even though he flew from his offseason home in Los Angeles to Oklahoma City late Wednesday night, he still hasn’t find time for stroke of a pen that will be worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. What’s the hold up, Russ?”

I took a look at OKC’s options if Westbrook doesn’t sign his extension before the season begins: “While the reasoning behind the delay isn’t exactly known, it’s still widely believed Westbrook will indeed re-up with the Thunder before it’s all said and done. But because impatience breeds uncertainty, a question I’ve been seeing a lot more of is “What happens if Russ doesn’t sign the extension before the season starts?” Let’s talk it out.”

Westbrook made two appearances on Bleacher Report’s “10 Best Trolls of the 2016-17 Season” list: “Knowing former teammate Kevin Durant’s love of photography, Westbrook showed up at Oracle Arena picture-perfect in an orange vest that read “Official Photographer.” This is so subtle. You have to know that KD took photos at Super Bowl 50 for The Players’ Tribune and connect that to the vest.”

Michael Jordan discussed Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Warriors: “Kevin Durant is a free agent he can go wherever he wants. I am a total supporter of free agents going wherever they want. Would I have done it, probably not. But he chose to do it, that’s his own right, he has a right to do it. I’m not mad at him for doing it. I wish him the best. I would do it differently.”

Rob Mahoney (SI) on why catching the Warriors may be financially impossible: “Challenging the Warriors, then, not only requires that opponents execute perfectly but that they build perfectly. Signing a single player to a bloated contract could put Golden State out of reach. If a star moves out of his prime slightly earlier than expected, any hope of catching the Warriors could dry up completely. When the benchmark is a roster with two MVPs, two All-NBA players, and a flexible supporting cast, even a small miscalculation can become incredibly meaningful.”

Happy Russell Westbrook Day, folks: