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Friday Bolts – 8.28.09

Friday Bolts – 8.28.09

Russell Westbrook checks in at No. 14 on PBN’s top 20 point guards: “He’ll get better at creating shots for himself and


teammates as he matures, but the turnover issue and inconsistent jumper are correctable flaws that don’t detract from the total package. The 20-year-old is as sleek and dynamic as your dream sports car, relishes playing defense and might be the top athlete at a position filled with them. He’s got a long way to go, but it’s a safe bet he’ll be climbing this list for years to come.”

The Thunder were second (behind the Wizards) in ESPN’s “team turnaround” category: “In Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, the Thunder have arguably the best young squad in the NBA. But if the Thunder are to be Team Turnaround, it begins and ends with Durant’s continuing his ascension to superstardom. If he makes the leap, the Thunder very well could jump up the standings.”

Mike Baldwin says don’t look at the price tag on the new practice facility: “For some reason people are enamored with how much something costs. A few years from now you might hear about another NBA team building a $20 million to $25 million practice facility. Don’t put too much stock in the dollar figure. The Thunder’s new facility will stack up… for about half the price. Similar to purchasing something on sale, the Thunder’s new $13 million practice facility, which broke ground on Thursday and is scheduled to be completed in 12 months, is the $20 million facility that’s been proposed for more than a year. It’s simply a buyer’s market. Ask anyone who has purchased a new car or bought a home the past six months. That’s why the Thunder’s new development center, which will rival any in the NBA, costs only $13 million.”

A remix of our fight song (h/t Myles). Listening to that made me feel like I was a drug dealer in an episode of CSI standing in some Vegas club trying to get my bearings while Grissom asked me to step outside. Anybody else get that feeling?

A picture of the new scoreboard lit up and in action. Evidently, Clay Bennett was the one that came up with the wedge panels angled toward the floor. Pretty cool.


There’s some conflict in Tulsa. The Thunder have a preaseason game Oct. 14 against Miami at the BOK Center. But Tulsa U is playing Boise State at Skelly Stadium the same night on national TV. For some reason, people are making this a big deal. Here’s some quality info about this: The Thunder’s game is just preseason. It doesn’t count. Just drive down to OKC in November for a game if you’re that torn.

The Nuggets re-signed Johan Petro. Who cares? No one I’m sure, but maybe there was one Petro fan in OKC that would like to know what he’s up to.

Dime has a list of NBA cities that deserve an NBA team. The funny thing is OKC headed up all those lists two years ago, but now people act like it’s ridiculous a team is here.

For all of you NBA2k lovers, this trailer’s for NBA 2k10: Draft Combine, which came out yesterday and I must say, it looks pretty awesome. The shooting mechanics look outstanding and the idea behind it is very cool. It’s a download and then you can take your guy and insert him into 2k10 when it actually does come out.

Clay Bennett on the new practice facility: “I can’t speak to that specifically other than to say our philosophy is to build an organization that is committed to our players, to providing the best services available, that we care about them as individuals and we care about their families and their experience.”