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Friday Bolts – 2.3.17

Friday Bolts – 2.3.17

ESPN Insider’s top 25 under 25: “Adams’ contributions may not be eye-popping when

observed during the ebbs and flow of game play but are absolutely pivotal in terms of impact. A throwback big, Adams defends very well in space and in the post; offensively, he’s a constant presence on the boards and has developed a rudimentary post game to keep defenses honest. Perhaps his best trait is the most unheralded of all basketball actions: Adams might be one of the best screeners in the NBA. Nothing he does is flashy, but it’s all the necessary things that need to be done.”

Harden on if he misses playing with Russ: “Yeah, of course. I think if all of us had an opportunity to play with a guy like that, you’d love playing with him because he’ll run through a wall for you. Every night, he brings it and he wills his team to win. He literally has to do everything. I think we can all appreciate the passion he has for the game and the love that he has. Like I said, he’s a joy to watch, just because of the passion and the aggression he has. That’s what makes him who he is.”

Chad Ford’s top 30 prospects.

Berry Tramel: “The Thunder offense has gone aground. OKC is down to 21st in the NBA in points per possession, which is the primary measurement of offense. Hard to win games with an offense in the bottom third of the NBA. Roberson, whose offense has gone from bad to worse, is such a non-threat that defenders aren’t even pretending to guard him anymore. They are clogging the driving lanes for Westbrook. When Roberson played alongside Kevin Durant, Roberson’s lack of offense was no big deal and his defense was a great benefit. With no Durant, Westbrook and Adams need more help in stretching the floor. But Sabonis isn’t helping, either. His shot, despite a quality game Tuesday night in San Antonio, has fallen off, and Sabonis’ inside game comes and goes. And to whatever degree Sabonis’ offense trumps Roberson’s, that’s offset by the defensive liability.”

Word is that Wilson Chandler wants a trade.

CBSSports.com’s mock has OKC taking Ivan Rabb: “It’s hard not to dream on what Billy Donovan could do to develop the kind of tools Ivan Rabb possesses.”

Rob Mahoney of SI.com: “Realistically, Miami’s starters won’t keep pace with their counterparts across the court. There just isn’t the firepower to score over first-unit defensive synergy. So in most every game, the Heat make up points with the amalgamated lineups that unleash Waiters and Dragic individually. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra usually begins his rotation early, pulling Dragic around the midway point of the first quarter. Waiters takes over, albeit with dramatically different results than the familiar NBA viewer might be used to. At the moment, Waiters is living in a heat-check world. His game-winners fall. His step-backs are smooth. His on-court habits have been relatively tolerable, though let’s not confuse this for a transformation of habits. Waiters is going nuts (averaging 21.6 points, 4.6 assists, and 4.7 rebounds over these last nine games) and he’s largely doing it on his terms.”