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Friday Bolts – 10.18.13

Friday Bolts – 10.18.13

Darnell Mayberry: “When you consider how none of the Thunder’s centers last season could post such figures, it stands to reason that Adams deserves the chance to try. It’s taken just four preseason games for Adams to stand out as the team’s best offensive option at center. He consistently catches drop-off passes, lobs and bullets fired out of pick-and-rolls, finishing each with regularity. And he has a soft touch around the rim, which, coupled with his athleticism, makes him a threat at all times in the paint. Against the Pelicans, Adams again showed his offensive-rebounding ability, snagging a game-high six, including one near jaw-dropping putback attempt that missed only when the forcefulness of his attempt caused it to ricochet off the rim.”

Robert Littal of Black Sports Online on KD’s comment: “Players have biases as well and we know they aren’t the greatest talent evaluators (right MJ) but the bigger point is just relax. They are just personal lists, no need for you to get all hot under the collar about. Settle down.”

Highlights of Steven Adams performance from last night.

Mayberry’s postgame notes: “Lamb’s defense has been pretty good. That’s the irony of his slow start offensively. He’s supposed to be a great offensive player and a below average defender. But he’s been impressive on D. He’s playing the passing lanes, closing out well, getting steals, blocking shots and staying engaged on the ball. He hasn’t been perfect and is far from a finished product, but he’s clearly making an impact on that end.”

Video has emerged of Adams giving JaVale McGee a piggy-back ride.

John Klein of the Tulsa World: “There are some that believe Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant took on too much of the load after Russell Westbrook went down with injury last season. Westbrook’s injury in the second game of an opening round playoff series with Houston altered OKC’s season. The Thunder did survive to beat the Rockets, with Durant picking up a huge part of the scoring, playmaking and assist void left by Westbrook’s absence. However, he seemed to get worn down in the second round series against Memphis and the Grizzlies ousted the Thunder in the playoffs. Now, with Westbrook gone for the first four to six weeks of the regular season, one has to wonder how the Thunder will distribute the extra minutes and make up for the assists and playmaking that Westbrook provides. Reggie Jackson will fill the vacancy on the floor. However, Durant will likely be picking up extra duty in playmaking, distributing the ball to teammates and setting the tone. So far in the preseason, Durant has been taking on extra duties.”

Thunder minority owner Tom Ward is launching a new company.