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Daily Thunder Night: Pregame Party Details

Daily Thunder Night: Pregame Party Details

OK, here’s the situation:

Where: Tapwerks in Bricktown (121 East Sheridan Avenue)
What: Daily Thunder Pregame Party
When: 5:00 PM – 6:30ish (or however late you want to stay)
Why: ‘Cause
Who: Hopefully you

There will be FREE parking to the first 50 arrivals at Bricktown Main Street Parking and that includes game parking. You enter this lot off of Main Street by the Ceramic Buffalo lot. Just tell the attendant you’re with Daily Thunder and that’s that. Once you pull in, you can go East in the parking lot and park by the Walnut Street Bridge. Once you park, you will walk about a block south to Tapwerks.

ALSO, there will be half price appetizers, $2 domestics and $3 the local brew Coop Native Amber for anyone that says they’re with Daily Thunder. There will be door prizes and they will be good too.

It’s worth coming for that, but even moreso, you can see me, tell me you love me and then we’ll awkwardly hug. It’ll all be very fantastic. Again, if this goes pretty well, we’ll try and do these sort of things more often, including Draft watch parties, away game watch parties and the like. More than anything, this is an effort to develop a real sense of community within the Thunder fan base, meet some fellow fans, make friends and talk basketball. It should be fun.

UPDATE: From Dusty at T&L: “Tree & Leaf will be in the house representin’ and selling tees for $20 flat. Consider this a tax holiday… pay in cash and Royce and I get to pretend the transaction never happened… We’ll have a “booth” at the front of the pub.”