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Thunder win 117-114. Yay.

Okay guys, here’s the sitch. I’m watching this game while dealing with our adorable 15 month old and wanting to watch the American Music Awards (Did you see Carrie Underwood’s dress? Was that cape?). So if reading the unfiltered, completely unorganized thoughts of a stay-at-home mom watching the Thunder game and the AMAs isn’t your thing, come back another day. But if it is are you in luck or what??? Ps sorry for the typos. They will be plentiful.


  • KD didn’t play. Sad face.
  • Just fished dog food out of Harrison’s mouth.
  • Andre Roberson for three. Is this still a big deal or no?
  • Gigi Hadid. She is so pretty.
  • Very rarely do I use our computer. Royce is always on it and when he’s not, we want nothing to do with it. With that being said, I have tapped the computer screen more times than I can count to switch tabs since I started writing this roughly 20 minutes ago. iPad liffffffe.
  • Dion started and Nick was the first off the bench. DVRing this for Royce.
  • Ooooooooh Anthony Morrow in the game before Kyle Singler tonight. I definitely approve of this as I have just recently started following Morrow on Instagram. He videos himself while driving a lot (which is so bad people please don’t do that) but other than that it’s been a good decision.
  • Harrison update: I have somehow made sweeping our floor a fun game for him. Parent win.
  • Russell Westbrook, good at basketball.
  • Y’all I’m just gonna say it…. I like the orange uniforms.
  • Chandler Parsons mad about missing a layup at the end of the first half. Dion’s all like, “It’s okay just keep trying.”
  • Who is 5 Seconds of Summer?
  • Harrison update: Asleeeeeeep.
  • Awesome. 10-0 run by the Mavs to start the second half.
  • Wait, the Mavs have someone named Zaza on their team? Nice.
  • I saw on Twitter that Cam Payne played tonight. I must have been doing something else because I missed it. But I’m a female with typical female emotions so I need to say I’m so happy for him. Like, how exciting for him, right?
  • You guys, Nick Collison has 10 points. What a night!
  • Speaking of Mr. Collison, someone tweeted at me saying he had some great play. Does anyone know what time that was in the game? I know it was in the first half. The guy I’m married to will for sure want to see it. Thanks best friends.
  • The Thunder sure know how to turn the ball over.
  • Love you, Russ.
  • You guys know that insane energy and strength toddlers have? And how they are just relentless? Russell Westbrook never outgrew that.
  • Make your free throws, Mavs. They missed 12 tonight.
  • The best thing about this season continues to be Steven Adams’ hair.

Thunder win 117-114. Yay.

Next up: At Utah on Monday.