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Week in Review: All-Star Winner

“It’s Over for That”

With the All-Star Game in Los Angeles, Lakers fans attempted to take the opportunity to make yet another recruiting pitch at Paul George. At media day, “We want Paul!” chants rang out while Westbrook was answering questions. And Westbrook responded, yelling back, “That’s out! Paul ain’t going nowhere. It’s over for that!

Does Russ know something we don’t know?

Russ and KD Talk

The story of last year’s All-Star Game was the tension between Westbrook and Kevin Durant. This year, the story was the thawing of the previously icy relationship. Before the game, Durant cited Westbrook as one of the best in-game dunkers — though in an odd attempt to be funny, refused to call Westbrook by name, referring to him as a 6’3” player who he “thinks” plays for OKC. In the locker room, the two chatted about their signature shoes. And, after the game, Westbrook admitted that he had fun playing alongside Durant.

Now, Russ and KD are a long way off from being buddies — Westbrook claiming that he only talked to Durant as necessary — but you have to wonder if the presence of Paul George has made things easier for Russ. No longer the slighted star left to singlehandedly lead a franchise. Westbrook and George have developed a strong relationship in their short time together.

Which leads to the inevitable question of how Westbrook would respond if George left in free agency. Wait, never mind, it’s over for that.

Paul George’s Three-Point Bomb

One aspect of All-Star Weekend that George would sooner forget was his dreadful performance in the Three-Point Contest. Though George went into the break ranked second in made three-pointers, and sixth in three-point percentage, he turned in the worst mark of the night, scoring just 9 points. Since the money-ball rack was added in 2014, only one other player has finished in the single digits, the other being Kyle Lowry.

Westbrook in the All-Star Game

Welp, this brings back some memories.

George in the All Star Game

George does what George does: converts a three, immediately steals the ball back, and then slams home two more off the turnover.

Here We Go Again

On the road last night in Sacramento, the Thunder built a double-digit first quarter lead, before getting shredded in the second and third quarters. Sound familiar? That’s what happened way back on November 7, 2017, as the Thunder was outscored 57-32 in the second and third quarters en route to an ugly loss to one of the NBA’s worst team.

And yet again, after a 44 point first quarter in Sacramento, the Thunder got taken behind the woodshed in the second and third quarters, getting outscored 69-41. In desperate need of wins (just 2.5 games from falling out of the playoffs), the Thunder can’t afford to blow games to terrible teams.



But the Thunder didn’t blow this one. After a pretty inexcusable rebounding effort which allowed the Kings to put up three game-winning or game-tying shots (converting the last), Westbrook takes the inbound from Carmelo Anthony and fires up a line drive dagger. Game over.