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Wednesday Bolts – 8.24.16

Wednesday Bolts – 8.24.16

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report says Russ isn’t winning MVP: “Russell Westbrook’s not winning


MVP. Why? Because every MVP since 1982 has been a 50-win team and I don’t see the Thunder getting to 50 wins. Now you can disagree with the premise and the precedent but it’s there and I think it’s real and I think it’ll keep Westbrook from breaking through.”

Vogue on Russ’s look: “The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard isn’t new to creating a stir with his off-court looks, having started a #florcore movement in MSGM, in addition to attending Fashion Week in New York and Paris. But instead of the blooming buds, bold shoes, and sleek shirting oft sported by the 6-foot-3 powerhouse, the 27-year-old swapped out his jersey and shorts for a tailored topcoat with three-quarter sleeves, and a tonally coordinated slate tee and jeans. But what really leaps the look from Bieber to baller are the bicolored suede kicks—grounding the star athlete’s ensemble with a subdued yet stylish finish. Swish.”

Steven Adams and friends made an appearance in New Zealand to help build a basketball court.

Erik Horne: “Sabonis could start, but, more importantly, will he finish games and play the most minutes at power forward? Kanter played in all 82 regular-season games last season; Ilyasova started 56. Both are relatively durable, highly-skilled offensively, and have a combined 13 years of NBA experience. That’ll be a lot for the rookie to climb in the rotation.”

Could Josh Huestis do things next year?

The Bucks signed Jason Terry.

Zach Harper of CBSSports.com on 2020’s USAB team: “This year’s team featured plenty of star power, yet was considered a B Team — even with Kevin Durant, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony on the roster. The firepower at home included LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Kawhi Leonard, Blake Griffin, John Wall, Andre Drummond, Damian Lillard, Andre Iguodala, Gordon Hayward and LaMarcus Aldridge. Pick any 12 of those 14 and they’d not only return with gold but likely would take down the 2016 USA roster, too. So what will the team look like in four years? Anthony is done. James is undecided but will be 35 (and who knows how many more NBA Finals appearances; it can’t go forever, can it?). Chris Paul also will be 35, which could remove him from the equation. But the NBA’s young talent, plus players now in their prime, figure to be heavily involved.”