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Wednesday Bolts – 2.27.13

Wednesday Bolts – 2.27.13

J.A. Adande of ESPN.com on the NBA’s best closer: “Whoa, don’t be so quick to bail out on Durant. I saw firsthand the way he finished off the Lakers in Games 2 and 4 of the conference semifinals last year. Before that he beat Dallas with a jumper that won their first playoff game and sent the Thunder on their way to a sweep. Durant has the range to force defenders to guard him out to 28 feet, and he’s constantly getting better at going past them with the dribble. The problem was, as you mentioned, Durant’s inability to command the ball in fourth quarters against the Heat. LeBron, CP3 and Irving have an advantage in that they almost always start the offense with the ball late in games. Durant has to get it from Westbrook. Westbrook is more deferential in crunch time than people give him credit for; in Game 4 against the Lakers, for example, he had a 37-point game going and still let Durant take the wheel down the stretch. But there’s always the possibility Westbrook might decide it’s his moment to shine.”

Berry Tramel: “I guess everyone remembers that Fisher wasn’t the Thunder’s backup point guard in the 2012 postseason. James Harden was. When Russell Westbrook took a rest, Fisher slid over and played shooting guard, while Harden initiated the offense. If the Thunder believes Reggie Jackson isn’t ready for the playoffs, then Fisher has to be the backup point guard. I think Jackson is the better option, but either way, there’s no Harden this time. So unless Westbrook plays 48 minutes a game, someone must initiate the offense.”

The NBA’s All-Watchability team obviously features KD.

Russell Westbrook talking fashion to Vogue Italia: “I don’t understand why I should hire someone to dress me. I like following my style, mixing garments that have different inspirations and ambitions. Why leave to someone else the pleasure?””

Who wins 1-on-1, KD or LeBron?

Mark Cuban on Derek Fisher signing with OKC: “Look, I understand, completely,” Cuban said Tuesday prior to the Mavs’ home game against Milwaukee. “From the time Derek was here to him signing with OKC, his kids are older, so they can deal with things better. So I understand him having more comfort in being away from them … It’s easier to fly in and out of Oklahoma City than Dallas. I understand that. It’s a decision a parent has to make. Every parent has difficult decisions to make.”

Matt Moore of CBSSports.com on it: “The fact is that the Mavericks really shouldn’t have brought Fisher in in the first place. All it did was hurt Darren Collison’s confidence which has been rattled all season. Fisher’s only value is as a veteran on a team like OKC to provide leadership in the locker room and hit the occasional three. He’s not even “Gary Payton 2006” at this point (or ever). What was he supposed to do for Dallas? But it’s still annoying that he signed up, then walked away and went to Oklahoma City to chase the title. It makes it seem like he just used Dallas to get into shape. But that’s the league. What else is new? Maybe next time, stay away from the former Lakers, Mavs.”

Top buyout candidates for each team.

John Rohde: “At the beginning of this season, the Thunder had the NBA’s sixth youngest roster with an average age of 25 years and 38 days. With Eric Maynor (25 years old) traded to Portland and the acquisitions of Derek Fisher (38) and Ronnie Brewer (27), the Thunder now has the 14th youngest roster with an average age of 26 years, 163 days.”

Ronnie Brewer Sr. and Ronnie Brewer Jr.