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TrueHoop TV: Eric Maynor

Former Thunderer Eric Maynor joined Kevin Arnovitz on an episode of TrueHoop TV and discussed being traded, what his conversation was like with Sam Presti that day, playing for OKC and what it was like being Russell Westbrook’s teammate.

Maynor on Westbrook: “Great person. Great person off the court. People don’t understand he’s just a true competitor on the court. But off the court, he’s just a great dude.”

Maynor’s role in Portland so far has been similar to what he did in OKC the past few years. He’s a backup to a young point guard, playing around 15 minutes a game or so and called upon to be a change-of-pace kind of guy.

It’s obviously a much better situation for him because he’s seeing time. For a guy that was near and dear to a lot of Thunder fans’ hearts, it’s a little odd to see him somewhere else, but for Maynor, and really the Thunder too, definitely for the best.