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Video: Russell Westbrook knows his Oklahoma towns

I always get a little jealous when I see players on other teams doing low-budget commercials for local businesses. Like some random ad with J.J. Barea and Shawn Marion talking about a carwash in Dallas. The production is mediocre and the players can barely spit out their lines, but something about it is so wonderful.

To this point, we haven’t seen very many local commercials featuring Thunder players. All we ever get is the soft acoustic stylings of MidFirst, Devon Energy and every other corporate sponsor of the Thunder that just has a commercial with a quiet riff played over some hands doing something.

Really, these little commercials are one of the big reasons players look at bigger markets. When you go to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or Miami, there are a lot more opportunities for local companies to pay you to be in some little 30 second spot. In Oklahoma City, there isn’t as much opportunity because there aren’t as many businesses with the bank account to do it. In OKC it’s way better to be a classical guitarist than a famous basketball player I guess.

But BancFirst just dropped a new spot featuring Russell Westbrook spitting out just about every Oklahoma town you can think of. It’s like the worst version of “I’ve Been Everywhere” you’ve ever heard. He even slipped in Coweta and Konawa in there. That’s good random Oklahoma town hustle. I bet Gary England is jealous that Westbrook got to say all those great small towns. That’s like a dream night for him.

Now of course the big national commercials like the Hyperizers spot, the 2K11 ads or new NBA one with KD are entirely awesome, but there’s just a little extra charm to the local ads. And this one with Russ definitely has plenty of that.