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Tuesday Bolts – 8.10.10

Tuesday Bolts – 8.10.10

The full NBA schedule comes out today around 1 or 2 p.m.

SLAM with a great feature and Q&A with KD: “SLAM: What sort of ball did you mostly play when growing up? KD: A lot of one-on-one, full-court, one-on-one, simulating. I was Michael Jordan a couple of times, Vince Carter. I think that really did help. Because I would go back and watch what those guys do, and try to do it the next day when I played one-on-one with my friends. Basically I was watching film and I was learning. Slowly but surely, each player I was watching, I was taking pieces from their game.”

Team USA goes back to work today. John Schuhmann of NBA.com on what needs to happen: “Now, head coach Mike Krzyzewski must begin to focus in on a rotation and allow that group to spend more time on the floor together, learning each other’s tendencies and getting comfortable with their roles. The Senior Team will again scrimmage against a Select Team of college stars, so the staff will have the opportunity to focus on what lineups work best.”

Kevin Durant is the favorite to win the MVP with 5/2 odds.

Rich Cho on working with Sam Presti: “He did a really good job of implementing different processes,” Cho said. “A lot of different structures. I’m very process-oriented, too. We worked very well together. We want to put a process together in every facet of basketball operations.”

The 66ers announced their full D-League schedule.

Chris Silva on OKC’s three USA members New York trip: “Remember the beginning of each school year when a teacher would ask you to share with the rest of the class how you spent your summer, the one chance you had to list all the cool things you got to do and places you got to visit, all in hopes of having the best four months of any of your classmates? Well, imagine the stories that Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook will be able to tell their Thunder teammates when they reconvene for the start of training camp in October. No doubt the Thunder trio will have had the most unique offseason experience of any of their teammates.”

Today’s Thunderland profile is pretty cool.

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