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Top Westbrook Clutch Shots of 2016-17

Top Westbrook Clutch Shots of 2016-17

The 2016-17 season was memorable for a number of reasons, perhaps none greater than Russell Westbrook developing into the most clutch performer in the game. The ten plays that follow are my choices for the biggest shots of his season. Enjoy.

10. Staying Alive vs. the Pacers


OKC dropped the game in OT, but it never gets there without this shot from Westbrook. He finished with 31 points, 15 assists and 11 rebounds.

9. All That Jazz

OKC was down 1 with 20 seconds remaining when Russell Westbrook grabbed the rebound. He stormed the other end of the court, got the And-1 and pushed the Thunder to a 109-106 victory. He finished with a 43-11-10 triple-double.

8. Remember me, Scotty?

In his first game against former coach Scott Brooks, Westbrook sent the game to OT with this clutch bomb. The Thunder went on to win by a score of 126-115 and Russ pitched in 35-14-11.

7. Delivering Blues in Memphis


45 points, 10 assists, 9 rebounds and put the game away with a monster bucket over Tony Allen. Scream at ’em, Brodie.

6. Ice Water in Boston

In one of his most impressive performances of the season, Westbrook went for 45-11-11 in Boston and put it away from distance with Avery Bradley in his face. Hit the dance on the way back down.

5. Hey, Mark


Westbrook scored 12 points in the final 3:30 to reach this point — then put Dallas on ice when it mattered most. 37-13-10 triple-double for good measure. Shout out to Mark Cuban.

4. Salt Lake Silencer

Westbrook scored 11 of OKC’s final 13 points and ended the game with this winner in Utah. Ice water. 38-11-10 triple-double.

3. Clutch Lefty on Capela

Up 3. Just 7 seconds remaining. This is certainly one way to end a ball game.

2. Stroke of Magic

A classic “No no no no no no!! YES!” moment from the Brodie. Marched the Thunder back from a 14-point deficit to send it into OT with this miracle. Went on to win in the extra frame. 57-13-11 triple-double in what is now the highest-scoring triple-double in NBA history.

1. Mile High Big Shot

Never in question. Westbrook scores OKC’s final 15 points and ices the game with this bomb. Also grabbed his 42nd triple-double of the season, and eliminated the Nuggets from playoff contention. 50-16-10 triple-double. What a day.