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Top 10 Thunder Dunks from Before the All-Star Break

With a few days remaining in the All-Star break, I put together a quick list of the Thunder’s 10 best dunks from the first 59 games of the season. Enjoy.

10. Terrance Ferguson takes off in Cleveland

Nothing better than the rookie sealing a blowout win by nearly jumping over the backboard. Kid has bounce.

9. Russell Westbrook puts MKG on a high-speed poster

This happened really fast and poor Michael Kidd-Gilchrist didn’t have the time needed to defend himself.

8. Josh Huestis gets the two-hander on Joel Embiid

I love Jojo but I’m here for him getting dunked on. Good on you, Josh.

7. Paul George on Zaza Pachulia in Oakland

This is great for a number of reasons, most notably the fact that Zaza Pachulia is the worst. When you consider that this was an emphatic moment in a big win against Golden State, the dunk is even better.

6. Ferg’s fast break windmill in Los Angeles

Putting the finishing touches on a career-high 24 points against the Lakers in style. Ferg probably should have been invited to the dunk contest.

5. Jerami Grant’s insane put-back against Utah

This one lands at number five based on the extension alone.

4. Westbrook drops a triple-OT hammer in Philly

This dunk is insane because it came in triple-overtime of a game Russ played 52 minutes in. He was about 48 minutes in at this point (a full game) and still had the juice to uncork this beauty over Dario Saric.

3. Steven Adams goes way up and over the Raptors

A violent, powerful jam made better by the celebration at the end.

2. Paul George posterizes Derrick Favors

I was at this game and the guy sitting next to me let out a high-pitched, primal scream in the immediate aftermath of this dunk. It could have also been me, I don’t know. Was loud in there.

1. Russell Westbrook punishes Thon Maker

I firmly believe Thon Maker should have retired after this. Perhaps the most impressive Westbrook dunk of all time and easily the best we’ve seen so far this season.