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Top 10 plays from the Goodman-Drew League showdown

The Goodman League topped the Drew League 135-134 in the highly  anticipated pro-am showdown in Washington D.C. Saturday night. It came  down to a controversial block/charge call that sent Kevin Durant to the free throw line where he calmly sank both to put the Goodman up one. Brandon Jennings missed a jumper with a few seconds left and Durant blocked James Harden’s follow-up to seal the win.

Harden wasn’t psyched about it after the game tweeting, “LoL did we get cheated??” KD responded, “NOOOO dont be like that…we gonna come to LA and get no calls so i dont matter.” Harden said, “hahha me and u both know that was a charge!” And then KD said, “U was moving and u flopped…it was all fun man don’t be on that…” And then they made a joke about it being just like training camp and the Broingtons were all best friends again. Or something.

All in all, a pretty fun night of pickup hoops during a time where any basketball at all is like manna from heaven.

And  as you might expect, there were a bunch of quality plays. I mean, how  could there not be in a game that featured Durant, Harden, Jennings, John Wall, Tyreke Evans, JaVale McGee, DeMar DeRozan and a couple streetball legends? But it mostly KD. Oh sweet goodness, KD.