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Thunder Journal: Thunder Lottery Reps

Thunder Journal: Thunder Lottery Reps

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While the remaining playoff teams are riddled with questions such as “Will James Harden play again this postseason?” and “How healthy is Joel Embiid?”, the Oklahoma City Thunder are wrestling with a query of their own.

Who will OKC send to represent the team at the NBA Draft Lottery on June 22nd?

While fans have theorized on the usual suspects like Sam Presti, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Lu Dort or Nick Collison, we here at Daily Thunder think there are some other Oklahoman candidates who might bring the Thunder some lottery luck:

Ron Howard. Born in Duncan (perfect basketball town name!), Oklahoma, Richie Cunningham could represent OKC in hopes he brings the Thunder riches in Cade Cunningham. And when the Rockets’ swap conveys to the Thunder, the director of Apollo 13 can lean into his mic and deadpan, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Brad Pitt. Shawnee, Oklahoma’s most handsome export played Achilles in the 2004 film Troy. Achilles battled in the Trojan War. OKC wants to go to battle with a Trojan named Evan Mobley. The Thunder can sneak their secret weapon into the draft lottery by way of Trojan horse and the Pistons, Rockets, Magic will never know what hit em.

Joe Exotic. Jalen Suggs’s mental makeup seemed to be built in a lab by Sam Presti. High character, high IQ, unselfish, team-first, passionate leader. If anyone can catch a prized, dangerous Bulldog and bring him back to Oklahoma, it’s The Tiger King.

Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris does not play the lottery. It doesn’t have nearly enough balls.

Garth Brooks. OKC could send one former OSU Cowboy in hopes he can help land another OSU Cowboy. The Thunder Rolls and the lightning strikes… twice, never in the same spot, but how about 1 and 5?

Kristin Chenowith. The sprite sized Tony Award winner from Broken Arrow is OKC’s proudest celebrity fan. The Thunder could use a little lottery magic to overcome the odds and walk away with two top 5 picks, and Glinda The Good Witch is the most powerful sorceress in the Land of Oz.

Skip Bayless. This man has made himself a multimillionaire by being wrong about every single sports opinion he’s ever spouted. Sam Presti just needs to have Skip tweet that he thinks OKC will pick at #7 and #18 the day of the lottery and the Thunder will be guaranteed the #1 and #5 picks.

Vince Gill. I’m sure Vince is a really nice guy. But he somehow landed Amy Grant, so he’s obviously a really lucky guy as well.

Reba McEntire. Here’s your one chance, Adam, don’t let me down. Here’s your one chance, Silver, don’t let me down.

The Waltons. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal Mart, is from Kingfisher, Oklahoma. The Thunder are fishing for Jalen Green. Walton’s children make up the wealthiest family in the United States, so nobody is better at taking home green.

Joe Carter. Since OKC needs a home run of a draft, who better to send than this 5 time All Star who had 396 in his MLB career? When Cade or Mobley win a title in OKC, the Bricktown parade will start at Joe Carter Avenue.

Thunderchick. We can think of nobody better to represent the spirit of the Oklahoma City Thunder than the Daily Thunder community’s very own resident superfan. If you believe the good guys and gals win in the end, then Thunderchick is a no brainer pick to bring the #1 pick to OKC.