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THN Mock: With the 26th pick Oklahoma City selects…

THN Mock: With the 26th pick Oklahoma City selects…

Tibor Pleiss, 7’1 center from Germany.

With OKC’s second pick, if the Thunder hang on to it, it just doesn’t make sense to draft another American born player that would further congest the roster. Craig Brackins? Stanley Robinson? Where do those guys fit now? So Presti does what he’s proven successful at and looks to the future and drafts an international prospect.

Pleiss is a solid offensive player with an already developed mid-range game. He needs work in the post and needs to fill out a pretty lanky frame. He has the potential to being a strong, influential defender, but again, he needs some bulk. You can’t deny his size and it’s hard to teach the feathery jumper he’s already developed. He’s sort of a Nenad Krstic, but with healthy knees and the potential to develop.

I think Presti likely prefers Kevin Seraphin as an international project over Pleiss, but with Minnesota already snatching him up, the Thunder has to look at other options. And at 26, Pleiss is the best option for an international big man project. The Thunder still needs to address the shooter option, but that shouldn’t come until 32 or 51.

How fellow TrueHoopers have it shaking out:

1. Washington: John  Wall

2. Philadelphia: Evan  Turner

3. New Jersey: Derrick  Favors

4. Minnesota: Wesley  Johnson

5. Sacramento: DeMarcus  Cousins

6. Golden State: Greg  Monroe

7. Detroit: Epke  Udoh

8. Los Angeles: Al-Farouq  Aminu

9. Utah: Xavier  Henry

10. Indiana: Paul  George

11. New Orleans: Cole  Aldrich

12. Memphis: Ed  Davis

13. Toronto: Avery  Bradley

14. Houston: Patrick  Patterson

15. Milwaukee: Gordon  Hayward

16. Minnesota: Hassan  Whiteside

17. Chicago: Luke  Babbitt

18. Miami: Eric  Bledsoe

19. Boston: James  Anderson

20. San Antonio: Damion  James

21. Oklahoma City: Daniel Orton

22. Portland: Solomon Alabi

23. Minnesota: Kevin Seraphin

24. Atlanta: Larry Sanders

25. Memphis: Dominique Jones

26. Oklahoma City: Tibor Pleiss

27. New Jersey: Jordan Crawford