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The Sports Guy wants to get you excited

Bill Simmons, in his NBA preview today counting down the 33 most intriguing story lines for the season:

6. Kevin Durant
Prediction No. 1: Your 2009-10 scoring champ.
Prediction No. 2: Lots of “The NBA’s Hottest Young Superstar!” national stories.
Prediction No. 3: With 10 days to go, the Zombies will be fighting for the eighth playoff spot as everyone says, “Wait, are they going to make the playoffs?”
Not a prediction, but definitely in play: 29-plus points and 8 rebounds per game, with 50-40-90 averages for FG/3FG/FT. Last guy who did it? The Basketball Jesus.
(In other words, hold onto your seats. You’re about to go on a ride.)

I just peed not a little, but a lot.