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The 2010-11 Daily Thunder preview book

The 2010-11 Daily Thunder preview book


So I thought I’d try something out.

Instead of just going with the usual couple posts previewing the Thunder’s season, I decided to try and make it a little different. So I pulled together all the Paint and Microsoft Word skills I have an made this here little PDF preview for the 2010-11 Thunder season. It’s not perfect. It’s not professional. Heck, it might not even be good. But hey, it’s something.

The preview book had to have some things edited down to fit (darn you print publications!!!), but throughout the week, I’ll be running everything from it (and a few things that aren’t in it) as kind of a preview week for the upcoming season. Plus, this way you can comment on the stories and prediction and fill me in on how wrong I am. So if you feel like reading something twice, be sure to check out both the book and the post.

Anyway, have a look, print it out, show your friends, don’t look at it, whatever. The moral of the story is, the season is almost a week away.

Special thanks to Eric Connell of Connell Creative for making the sweet cover for the book.