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Smart Thoughts of the Week: August 14-21

Smart Thoughts of the Week: August 14-21

Throughout the week some of you drop some brilliant or at least somewhat thoughtful comments and so this is a try at highlighting some of them. Disclaimer: It’s not that I necessarily agree with all of them, but they were interesting and for the most part, well put. Everything sic’d.

Umm, a-freaking-men. (Danny): Last summer it was frustrating to have so much controversy hanging over my new NBA team. And it is frustrating to have the “OKC vs. Seattle” topic constantly relived by people in the national media (Simmons, for one). But Traber is simply hanging on to old topics and controversies that most of us would rather let die. As the Thunder improve, they will begin to make a name for themselves as a quality and exciting playoff-caliber team, and the old “OKC vs. Seattle” topic will fade away.


You mean, you don’t like 105 degree temperatures, constant wind and impossibly flat terrain? (J.G.) To me, the sheer fact that this has even become an issue reveals the over-sensitivity of either A) One individual who has a small but rabid group of supporters, or B) An entire state’s general population to the point that it sniffs of an unfortunate and needless inferiority complex. I think Nick is witty and spot-on, always have, and honestly, I think it would be even worse for Nick to say, “Man, nothing compares to the landscape of Oklahoma, not even the Emerald City.” I mean, come on, I live here and that would just be a slap in the face to common sense. I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that the weather and landscape are not what makes Oklahoma a great place to live, right?

So basically, it’s all been a little much ado about nothing for me…but I suppose this day was inevitable. It usually is when accuracy and research fly in the face of inaccurate reporting and opinions based on sensationalism instead of fact.

This is pretty much exactly the reason I wanted to take the issue on. (EJ): Wow. Well said Royce and commenters who echo his sentiments. Wasn’t expecting to find what I found on this site. Especially considering 90% of the people from OKC that I’ve come across during our two cities’ time joined at the hip in this whole unfortunate ordeal. Most of which are a whole lot more like that nimrod Traber. Score one for sane sports fans in OKC. Because he REALLY made you guys look bad. I mean, REAL bad. I know that it’s not fair that a bafoon as dumb as Traber is allowed to represent an entire city with his stupidity. But that’s the world we live in. And all he did was made OKC look exactly what everybody has always said. A small town with a HUGE inferiority complex. I mean, we all know that it’s how Clay sold the city in bringing the NBA to town.

In that an NBA team would legitimize OKC and bring it to “major league” status. So yeah, freaking out over one of your athletes liking the city where he lives and twittering about it comes off extremely bush league. And Nick talking about how he had other OKC fans sending him twitter hate mail was just as bad. That interview made you guys look just lame as could be. I gotta admit, I came here upon hearing the Collison interview (Yes, it has reached all the way out to us in Seattle.) and wanted to find a bunch of raving OKC hijacks (I kid) going off about what a traitor Collison is for saying, “The weather is nice in Seattle” on his personal twitter account. But I am more than impressed at the class and intelligence shown. Again, well said. Reading your posts makes me hate OKC fans a tad bit less. (Sorry. But we got history guys. lol.)

But this is equally as correct. (Terry): You implying that Trabor represents all of Oklahoma City and her sports fans is silly. He is no more the voice of the average person or fan here, than you are for the Seattle fan base. He is an individual and represents only himself. Yeah, he’s a 4-star bafoon, but wise up, man, and understand he is on an island, and while he’s a part of the local fabric, most people know you don’t judge an entire city or region by a lone gas bag.

I totally forgot we even had a basketball team. (nick): I can’t wait for real basketball to start. Not being from OKC, I can only nod and agree secondhand about traber’s idiocy. Makes it hard to comment much. I’m almost looking back with nostalgia at the draft/free agency discussion. You know there’s a dearth of real stories when something like this takes center stage.

I always hated No. 66 until Scott Pollard wore it. (Nate): I think you’re wrong on the whole KD’s number deal. 35 is now cool BECAUSE KD wears it. Plus, aren’t you glad he’s not like every other superstar that wears 23 just because?

For those scoring at home, that’s four straight appearances by Jax. (Jax Raging Bile Duct): In the interest of brevity, the top 10 things I love about Desmond Mason:

10. Community saint… 9. Beloved ambassador for Oklahoma… 8. I always, always, always have respect for an artist… 7. Taught KD that sweet move where you sweep the ball from one side of your body to the other by way of your ankles so quickly that the lazy defender who has his hand on your hip get’s whistled for contact with your wrist as you try to finish the shot… 6. Jumps OUT of the GYM! You never know when that out of nowhere, chase you down, blocked shot from behind is coming to get you… 5. Defense is not an option. And he was really good at it.

4. Can slam dunk with the best of them… 3. That inner warrior came out in the clutch. Fierce. Fearless. Even downright nasty. One look at his face and you could see intensity that shot all through you… 2. Great role model… 1. Wonderful human being.

I think it’s best to end with this. (Traber Fan): All I have to say is your all a bunch of idiots!!!!