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Scrimmage 2 Pregame Primer: Thunder (1-0) vs. Sixers (1-0)

Scrimmage 2 Pregame Primer: Thunder (1-0) vs. Sixers (1-0)

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11am @ HP Field House, ? okcthunder.com

Projected starting lineups:

Oklahoma CityPhiladelphia
PG: Chris PaulPG: Shake Milton
SG: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander SG: Josh Richardson
SF: Lu DortSF: Tobias Harris
PF: Danilo Gallinari PF: Ben Simmons
C: Steven AdamsC: Joel Embiid

3 Big Things:

  • Battle of Giants
  • 3 Point Shooting
  • Andre Roberson

Battle of Giants: Today’s matchup pits Steven Adams up against one of the best big men in the league in Joel Embiid. While Adams was able to dominate the defensively lacking Daniel Theis in our first scrimmage, Embiid proves to be a much more worthy adversary. Steve (and the rest of the team) will have to earn every point in the paint with Embiid lurking by the rim.

3-Point Shooting: Ironically enough, the Thunder and Sixers both shot a pedestrian 33% from beyond the arc in their first games. While that is to be expected after such a long lay-off from basketball, it will be interesting to see which team can get the lid off the basket first, as both teams have shooters more than capable from deep.

Andre Roberson: Roberson checked into the game with applause from his teammates. It was a beautiful moment, it was a rewarding moment, but the moment has passed. He showed in that game he can still move around pretty fluidly, he showed his athleticism is still there pinning a shot off the backboard, and he even spoiled us by hitting a corner trey ball. Now that the sentiments have faded, the question for Dre is simple: What comes next?

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