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Scott Brooks to represent the Thunder at the lottery

From NBA.com:

Thunder head coach Scott Brooks will be on center stage before a nationally televised audience when the lottery balls are drawn for the NBA Draft Lottery on May 19. The Thunder announced that Brooks, who became the team’s full-time head coach on April 15, will sit at the podium inside the NBAE offices in Secaucus, NJ, when the Thunder learns where it will draft in the June 25 NBA Draft.
Second-year forward Kevin Durant represented the organization at last year’s event, when the team drew the No. 4 overall pick that it eventually used to select guard Russell Westbrook out of UCLA. The Thunder finished its inaugural season in Oklahoma City with a 23-59 record, giving it an 11.9% chance of landing the first overall pick of the 2009 NBA Draft.

I would like a full history of Scott Brooks’ luck. Like does he come out on top more than 50 percent of the time in games of rocks-paper-scissors? Or in coin flips? Has he ever won a radio call-in contest? When he fins a penny on the ground, which side is face up most times? Better yet, what’s the most amount of money he’s ever found laying on the ground? Or is he even-steven, like Jerry Seinfeld? These are things we need to know. I assume Sam Presti already has done a full background check on Brooks and has this information handy and that’s why he chose him. I guess Brooks is technically undefeated in his in NBA head coaching career. So that’s a plus.