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Saturday Morning Cartoons: When they were young

(Buenos dias my good associates. Here’s to a fantastic Saturday where you accomplish none of the things you told yourself all week that you were going to do.)

I have no idea why, but this is one of the best Youtube videos I’ve seen this year. I just ate it up. Basically, it’s just a slideshow of NBA players when they were young. Sadly, no Thunder players are involved, but regardless this is top notch. It is just very cool to me to see these titans of athleticism in these small bodies with no muscle. And I really like the ones where they look EXACTLY the same – Dwyane Wade (he even dressed the same!), Antwan Jamison, Bruce Bowen and Dirk among others. Be warned though: I would advise against taking a sip of water/coffee when Andrew Bogut’s, Steve Nash’s or Kevin Garnett’s picture pops up. Also, I think Jason Kidd’s two pictures may help settle the white/black debate that’s torn this country apart for years. Am I allowed to say that?