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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Top 100 dunks from 2008-09

(Morning cats and kittens. Thank you for your undying support of Daily Thunder. Carry on my wayward sons.)

First and foremost, I want to wish a happy one-year anniversary to my wonderful wife. Thanks for not killing me. To celebrate, I think we should all watch what we pay the money to see: slamjam dunks. The top 100 hammers just came out this week and there’s a few Thundermen making appearances. Kevin Durant checks in at No. 70, Jeff Green at No. 35 with his left-handed bee-auty and Russell Westbrook was the runner-up dunker of the year with his off-the-backboard flush from Earl Watson. Enjoy. And tell me happy anniversary.

(This is the top 25. For 100-70 click here, for 69-47 click here, and for 46-26 click here.)