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Saturday Morning Cartoons: There is much to learn from this man Russell

(Hello and good day my friends and family. Thank you for your support of Daily Thunder. Go out and seize the day or some crap like that.)

With a week of training camp in the books, one thing we’ve all hoped for this offseason (and in camp) is for Russell Westbrook to evolve into more of a floor-leading general of a point guard. Become a guy that controls the game. Own the ball. Take leadership in your position. And honestly, I’m not sure how many people out there are better to learn all that from than Mo Cheeks. If he can teach it as well as he did it, then Westbrook will take quite a leap this year. Observe the fantasticness that was Maurice Cheeks: Point Guard. Maybe that was Step 1 for Russ – pop in some game film of coach, grab a notepad and let the learning begin.