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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Scott Brooks speaks

Happy Saturday. Thank you for your support of DT. Something something something.

I wasn’t the only one impressed by Scott Brooks halftime speech in Game 2. He was emotional, passionate and delivered a strong, succinct message. I’m with you guys. No matter what. I believe in you.

It’s not necessarily a Knute Rockne-esque speech that’s going to be relived in locker rooms like in Rudy or anything, but it did have a bit of “We’re going to get ’em on the run boys and once we get ’em on the run, we’re going to keep ’em on the run!” to it. And I definitely appreciate the foreshadowing when Brooks said, “Every one of you guys has it in you. I would not put you on the floor if I didn’t think you could do the job.” Seeing as what happened in that fourth quarter with Brooks trust in some of those “other” guys, he definitely delivered a strong message and it was received loud and clear.