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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mrs. DT’s choice

(Good morning. Thanks for your support of Daily Thunder. Shake, shake, shake off that Memphis game.)

Today is Mrs. Daily Thunder’s birthday, so I gave her the choice of the cartoon for this lovely Saturday. And this is what she picked. She’s probably 50,000 of this video’s 52,000 views. And I must agree, it’s a quality video. I know I’m psyched for the All-Star game. Nobody markets like the NBA and little videos like this just fire you and showcase just how dang cool the NBA is. Oh, and when KD jumps up and gives the fist pump at 31 seconds, my whole body goes tingly. So happy birthday Mrs. DT. Dinner is on me tonight.

(And if you can’t get enough Mrs. DT, she’s on Twitter now making fun of me)