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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Are you ready for some… basketball?

(What’s happening party people? Who is ready to watch some bodies smash together and people get knocked down? I know I am. Thank you for your continued support of Daily Thunder. Shine on you crazy diamonds.)

While I was flipping around on the Internet looking for a good cartoon for this lovely college football Saturday, I stumbled across this one. And while I’ve seen it probably 50 times and it’s awesome every time, I just had to post it. I’m super psyched about college football kicking off today. It’s been the sport we’ve all looked forward to in this state for… well, forever. But this video reminded me how much I love the NBA now and this team and while college football is incredibly awesome in its own right, I’m still freaking fired up about the start of the Thunder’s season. Mainly, because I know we’re going to get a few moments like this.