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Ryan Reid signs to play in Poland next season (UPDATED)

Ryan Reid signs to play in Poland next season (UPDATED)

UPDATE: It’s Kyle Weaver all over again. Darnell Mayberry tweets: “Contrary to reports, 2nd round pick Ryan Reid has not signed to play in Poland next season, his agent Andrew Vye says.”


Though Sam Presti raved about him and many were intrigued by the no-name second-round pick, Ryan Reid has signed to play in Poland next season. (via The Hoops Market)

No one expected Reid to make an impact this year anywhere other than maybe the D-League, so putting him away in Europe and letting him get paid is the for the best for everyone. I thought he might get a training camp invite but it looks like the next time we’ll see Reid is summer ball next season.

While at Florida State the 6-foot-8 forward had his best season as a senior as he averaged 6.8 ppg and 4.0  rpg in 22.7 minutes per contest. Still, most were stunned when he was picked late in the second round since nobody had him anywhere near their big boards. But Presti determined he was his kind of guy. Hard worker, smart player, high character guy and someone that could blossom into an impact guy.