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Rubio over Griffin: Is there any chance?

Just a month ago, Blake Griffin was the absolute consensus No. 1 pick. There was just no doubt about it. And it was really the first no question top pick I can remember in a long while. But then Ricky Rubio tossed his name in the hat and in some camps, a little debate has kicked up: Could Rubio be picked in front of Griffin?

NBA general managers say no, but some fanbases say yes. At Sactown Royalty they voted on it and the vote was literally split between Rubio and Griffin. So I guess some folks see reason to take Ricky over Blake.

While some teams may have reasons (the Kings and Timberwolves are pretty “set” in their frontcourts), others just seem to like Rubio’s potential “star” power and play making potential. But what about Oklahoma City? You’ve got native hero Blake Griffin who could plug one of the biggest holes in your squad. He’s humble, he’s tough and he’s a tremendously hard worker. Oh, and he’s really, really good at basketball.

But again, Rubio’s got star quality. He’s got the floppy hair and the Maravich comparisons. He’s a flashy passer with a flashy game and is a potential marketing mega-giant. And he’s the pure point guard Russell Westbrook is not. He’s pass first, score second and sets up teammates. He’s one of the world’s best defenders (supposedly) and has great size (6-4) for his position.

So is there any way Oklahoma City takes Rubio over Griffin if given the chance? Does it make any sense for the Thunder to take the young Spaniard over the bruising Oklahoman?


Next question.