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Roundtable: Thunder Twitter, Part 3

Roundtable: Thunder Twitter, Part 3

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Whether defending Russell Westbrook against the haters, proclaiming their undying true love of Steven Adams, mancrushing on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, debating the pros and cons of trading Dennis Schröder or cursing KD’s latest quotes, there is a very large and very tight knit collection of Thunder fans on Twitter.

I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the biggest and best names from Thunder Twitter. These superfans have as many or more followers as many members of the local media. And just like the media, their opinions may help shape others’ Thunder thoughts and narratives. Let’s see what they have to say about that and much more.

If this season resumes, how do you expect the Thunder to finish?

@ThunderChats*: If we pick up where we left off it makes the most sense to start the playoffs where we are now: the 5 seed, given how long it has been and will be before basketball is played. That matches us up with the Utah Jazz, whom everyone is kinda salty at now because of how they handled the Rudy Gobert situation and ultimately shutting the league down. I personally think we match up great with Utah. I think we could win in 6.

Then we play the Lakers (probably). Oof. But hey, we didn’t expect to take any games back in 2010 when we were an 8 seed and we walked away with two. If we could steal a game on the road, and play lights out at the Peake…. we might survive six games. But we probably lose in five.

@Three_Cone: I can not be convinced that the Thunder weren’t winning that game that got cancelled. I think we can get and hold onto the fourth seed, heading into a first round matchup with the Jazz, and beating them in six or seven games. I think the run comes to a stop in six games against the Lakers or Clippers, but we’ll give them hell on the way out.

@SteveThunderfan*: If this season resumes, I expect it to resume with only the playoffs. So, fifth seed. The fact that the season got suspended due to Jazz players testing as sick moments before the Thunder vs. Jazz game–in Oklahoma City, with OKC on a rest advantage and a chance to snatch the 4 seed–will forever stick in my craw, though.

For the playoffs, same as always, I suppose: legitimate shot at a first round win, minuscule shot at a conference finals bid. And that’s if the postseason includes all 16 teams. If the playoff field is reduced to 12 teams, that might work the same for OKC. If it’s eight…we’re not friends with Jazz fans anymore.

@ThunderND: If we pick up the season where it left off, I think the Thunder could take the 4 seed from the Jazz. We were one game away from doing so before the season was suspended. My biased Thunder fan attitude says we can take on anybody in the playoffs, but my mind tells me this team could definitely make it out of the first round, most likely meeting our match against the Lakers or Clippers.

@mynameis_kaylee: I could see OKC being the 4 seed and losing in the second round in seven games.

Who would you rather meet in the playoffs: Russ and the Rockets or PG13 and the Clippers?

ThunderChats: I think we have a better chance against the Rockets than the Clippers. But I don’t know if I’m ready for what Twitter will turn into if we have to play against Russ in the playoffs.

I hate the Clippers, though. I hate Paul George for making us lose Russ. I hate Patrick Beverly for how he plays, and how he always treated Russ. I hate Reggie Jackson for obvious reasons. I hate Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell acting like they can both be 6MOY when one of them by definition has to be considered a 7th man. I hate them.

So why not? Bring on the Clippers. Let Shai and Gallo enact their revenge. Oh, and Chris Paul for that matter.

Bobby Brown

Three_Cone: The Rockets for sure. The Clippers feel like a championship team and I think our matchups from this season show that we can take the Rockets in a series. The Clippers would take us out.

SteveThunderfan: We aren’t likely to beat either team, to be clear. It also should be said, beating either team would be hugely beneficial to OKC, as we own both teams’ drafts for the next… ever.

We’d have a better chance at beating the Rockets. No doubt. I don’t really find rooting for Russ to win very compelling, to be honest. I root for the people in the OKC locker room. Nobody else matters. I learned that from Russ.

Still, two things that weigh heavily on me here:

  1. The Clippers are responsible for Russ wearing red.
  2. The Clippers only have two years guaranteed with Kawhi and PG.
Marc Streeter

The Rockets will be what they will be, most likely. If the Clippers fail in the first round twice? They could implode. Stars could leave. PG could realize his heart is wherever else, or whatever. The Thunder own their picks unprotected. How sweet it would be to drive that nail halfway home.

So, for spite mostly, Beat LA.

ThunderND: Definitely Russ and the Rockets. I would be perfectly fine with being knocked out by Russ on his way to a potential ring. Getting knocked out by PG would sting a bit more. I also think we match up way better against the Rockets anyway.

mynameis_kaylee: Hmm, both have disappearing players in the playoffs. Gimme the Rockets–Adams will destroy them and Harden won’t exist.

What would you like to see Sam Presti do in the offseason?

ThunderChats: I trust Presti with whatever decision he makes. If he wants to buy to make the team better now, let’s go. If he wants to start trading the vets away for young players and picks, I’m ready for it. I was ready this year. At this point I think it can be argued you could get at least a first for CP3, Adams, and Dennis based off of their play. But I honestly wouldn’t be surprised either way. Just remember: Scared money don’t make none.

Three_Cone: It’s hard to tell. I really love this team and all it has accomplished, but we don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the pack forever. I feel like Presti should keep his options open and not settle for anything. If Gallinari wants to come back for cheap, great. If he can work out a sign-and-trade for him, that also works. Chris Paul should be treated as a positive asset and should only get traded if it’s for some good value. I think he’s a great mentor to have on the team and I’d love to see him stay and teach the young guys. Whatever Presti decides to do, I have faith.

SteveThunderfan: I want to see Presti do Presti.

Look, he traded James Harden, and that will forever be a blemish on his CV. But outside of that, dude has pretty much nailed it. Everybody makes one mistake. So yes, I have some ideas.

Sign-and-trade Gallinari for value, or at least re-sign him to a tradable contract. Re-sign Nerlens. Trade Schröder, if anyone is willing to give up real assets. Anyone want to give up assets for Chris Paul? Nail the draft, of course.

But honestly, I’ll talk myself into whatever he does, because it’s important to recognize when someone is smarter than you. And Samuel Presti is smarter than I.

ThunderND: This is a very tough question and this is where I would hate to have Presti’s job. On one hand, it looks like this team is a legit force to be reckoned with. Gallo has been better than we could have ever hoped and CP3 fits like a glove. On the other hand, you do not want to get stuck in NBA purgatory–too good for the lottery, not good enough to win it all. I think the best move for Presti is to keep all options on the table and make moves as they come. No reason to rush and mess anything up. Standing pat at the deadline was probably the best move in hindsight. I would love to see us use some of these draft assets down the road for Emoni Bates. I think he might be up next.

mynameis_kaylee: Man, I love this team. I’d like to see what they can do next year. ?

Nanae Yamano

To anyone who wants to jump in on Thunder Twitter: What are some accounts you’d recommend following?

SteveThunderfan: To start, @MattTyrannyNBA, @AlexRoig_NTTB, @JeraldAmir, @MattyMullsPod @ThunderChats, and @OKCTopicThunder. But I’m biased. Also the people included in this article are productive and positive members of Thunder Twitter. Give @BrandonRahbar a follow for getting this all together, and for just general awesome-ness. And give everyone included in this article a follow.

ThunderChats: All of these guys (and girl) here are great. Brandon is a great writer, and has a fun sense of humor. Steve is my fellow co-founder of the Topic:Thunder podcast; he is one of the smartest basketball minds I’ve seen on Twitter, and he can be funny at times… I guess. Kaylee isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she pulls no punches (especially at KD!) and I love her passion. Cone is one of the best accounts on Twitter, he is consistently tweeting great, hilarious, and relatable content and is one of the fastest growing accounts in NBA twitter. Finally, Trey pumps out good content, has great takes on the team and what direction they should go–not to mention, he is a fellow member of the Thunder-Steelers contingent.

Other than that it’s really hard, I love the Thunder twitter community. Some of the ones off the top of my head that haven’t already been mentioned: @ThunderUpCaleb, @ThunderCounty, @OKCThunderAlex, @ThunderPlsWin, @IcySGA ughhhhh there’s so many more but my brain is mashed potatoes right now. This is a good start!

Three_Cone: Everyone here for sure. Additionally, a few underrated follows are @KimboSlime, @donnybratwurst, , @RileyStormEmoji, and @shaitime2.

ThunderND: Everyone mentioned in this roundtable is a solid follow, my personal favorites that I would add are @LRMurphh, @thunder_radar, and my boy @cantguardDave.

mynameis_kaylee: Underrated: @weareOKC. Favorites: Brandon and @AnothrHipArtist… man, I like way too many!

*ThunderChats and SteveThunderfan have both written guest posts on Daily Thunder this season.