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The Daily Thunder Podcast: Danilo Gallinari

The Daily Thunder Podcast: Danilo Gallinari

This week, Thunder starting power forward Danilo Gallinari joins us to break down what has been a crazy, unexpected season for him in Oklahoma City. The sharpshooter gave us his thoughts about remaining in OKC despite a touch-and-go trade season, his belief in the Thunder as a playoff force, the possibility of sticking around beyond this summer (when he becomes an unrestricted free agent), and the biggest scoop of all: does Gallinari photoshop his own memes?


From the interview:

On remaining with OKC through a touch-and-go trade deadline:

“I really wanted to stay to stay here. [It would be] tough to leave such a great atmosphere, great teammates, a group that is winning… I wanted to stay.”

On re-signing with OKC this summer being a possibility:

“I hope so. It’s not the time now to talk with the team. But in the summer, it’s going to be interesting for me… Definitely, it could be a great option for me to stay here.”

On playing for the OKC home crowd in the postseason (the Thunder eliminated Gallinari’s Nuggets in 2011):

“I honestly can’t wait. I remember that feeling coming here and playing against, and I don’t want to have that feeling again. I want to have that feeling playing for OKC. It’s going to be crazy.”

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