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Patreon Peek: Moving On

Patreon Peek: Moving On

Here’s a peek at the latest “Weekend Edition” newsletter, which we send our supporters on Patreon every week. Patrons receive weekly perks including the newsletter and editorial note that follows, early post releases, podcast bonuses, free and discounted merch, local business specials, and more, all chased with the satisfactions of materially supporting quality Thunder content that isn’t awash in clickbait and ads to generate revenue. This week, you can view the full Weekend Edition for free here.

A note from the editor:

The season is upon us. And with it, a flood of fresh coverage from our little site. If you didn’t have it packaged so neatly below, you’d have to navigate to page 3 of DailyThunder’s front page to catch up on the last week of content.

It’s a little bittersweet to have game coverage back. While I’m thrilled with the talented group of writers who will be previewing and recapping and tweeting and podcasting and filming around every inch of the Thunder’s on-court action, the “move along” nature of the season scoops dirt on some of what we’re doing a little quicker than I’m comfortable with. So much collaboration, patience, and creativity–both within and without the Daily Thunder team–goes into a lot of what we produce. So I send this note while a game is underway, in a futile attempt to eek out a little bit more attention for fleeting online material:

But I make peace with moving on, because Lord willing we will have many weeks and months ahead of us with more goodness from the people who make Daily Thunder great.

Cheers to actual basketball marking the turning of the calendar. Cheers to passing the time together in Thunderworld.

– Cray Allred

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