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Oklahoma City not on Chris Bosh’s list

Oklahoma City not on Chris Bosh’s list

Chad Ford reports that Chris Bosh’s agent has presented Toronto with a list of favored destinations. Toronto, New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles (Lakers). Missing from there if you didn’t notice – Oklahoma City.

Ford says:

The list, sources said, did not include any of the three teams in Bosh’s home state of Texas – the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs — nor did Bosh express interest in the up-and-coming Oklahoma City Thunder, as some thought he might.

The Bosh speculation grew and grew with some really thinking it had a chance of happening, but I never felt like it would. KD answered on Twitter today, “Why did people think he would come to OKC anyway?” Obviously Bosh is in search of the bright lights. And I suppose nights at Mickey Mantle’s and the canal weren’t quite going to do it for him. Oh well. Your loss, Chris.