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NBA player mock: Perk takes two bigs

Every year ESPN.com does a mock draft where NBA players make the selections for their teams. In past years, Nick Collison has made OKC’s choices (he took Tomas Satoransky last year), but this time around, it’s Kendrick Perkins.

His two choices? Interestingly enough, both big men.

At No. 12, Perk took Kelly Olynyk and writes this:

“The first I check? Tenacity. And I can see the fire in him. I can see the determination in him to win. But it really starts with what we need. And we need a stretch 4 who can hit that corner 3,” Perkins says about Olynyk, who led the nation in PER (36.2) and tied for fourth in true shooting percentage (67.5 percent). “He’ll create openings and space for Russ and KD.”

At No. 29, Perk went with Jeff Withey:

“I’ve been thinking about this one, and I have to take the nice center out of Kansas, Jeff Withey. The way our coaching staff develops our young guys, I think he’d be a great fit, particularly because he’s so defensive-minded,” Perkins says of Withey, who led the Big 12 last season in defensive rating (83.7) and blocks per game (3.9). “And he finishes really well around the rim, too. Every year, he’s improved. I have to go with him.”

What do you know that we don’t, Perk?