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Monday Rewind: December 3-9

Monday Rewind: December 3-9

Thunder Put Clamps on Pistons, Coast 110-83 in Detroit

  • Lost in the madness of the Brooklyn comeback win and the embarrassing loss in Chicago — The Thunder got a pretty good win against the Detroit Pistons.
  • Terrance Ferguson came back from injury. The young man took his time shaking off the rust, shooting just 0-of-1 from the field and fouling five times.
  • I’m starting to believe Steven Adams might just be Andre Drummond’s father.
  • Drummond, who averages 18.3 points & 15.4 rebounds, was held to 13 points, 6 rebounds, and the following screenshot:
  • Add Reggie Jackson to the list of babies that Russell Westbrook has rocked.
  • Rare sight: Steven Adams led the Thunder in scoring with 21 points. He was nearly perfect from the field (7-of-8).
  • Westbrook, Dennis Schroder, Raymond Felton, Ish Smith, and Reggie Jackson all played in this one. That’s a lot of Thunder backup point guards.
  • The Thunder held the Pistons to 83 points. This team can play defense.

Paul George Leads Historic Comeback, Thunder Stun Nets 114-112

  • The Thunder went with a new look for the game in Brooklyn. Blue Icon uniforms with orange accessories. 10/10.
  • Westbrook wore bright green shoes that made it look like he had unlimited turbo on NBA Jam.
  • Hair Jordon (Nick Collison) made a couple of appearances last week. Once at a Thunder practice and also during the game in Brooklyn.
  • Collison is really putting off a “Luke Skywalker – The Force Awakens” vibe nowadays. 
  • Let’s get to the good part – The Thunder completed the largest comeback in franchise history! (23 points)
  • Russell Westbrook: 21 points, 15 rebounds, 17 assists
    • It’s pretty funny/crazy/strange/weird/awesome that his stat-line didn’t end up being the performance of the night.
  • Paul George was incredible: 47 pts, 15 reb, 15/27 FG, 6/13 3PT
  • Who has the franchise record for most points in any single quarter? Not Kevin Durant. Not Westbrook. Not Chris Wilcox. It’s Paul George. PG dropped 25 points in the fourth quarter alone.
  • It’s cool having a team with such a short history. This George performance could be something we are still talking about in 10-20 years. PG has gone from a “rental” to a guy who may have his jersey hanging in the rafters one day at the ‘Peake.
  • The PG pump fake, hesitation, drain-o shot will forever be etched into my brain. What a highlight.
  • This win, particularly the end, told us a lot about the Thunder:
    • George is (still) a superstar.
    • Westbrook is a willing participant. (How many of you expected Russ to heave a deep three at the buzzer?)
    • This team can be resilient as h*ck.
    • This team seems to like each other.

Bulls Catch Fire in Windy City, Down Thunder 114-112

  • I’m a big time fan of the Thunder starting off a game by feeding Steven Adams. Big Kiwi had 14 points in the first quarter alone. He was 5-of-8 from the floor in the first two and a half minutes!
  • Russell Westbrook rocked the baby on Cameron Payne.
  • And… um…. That’s about it. Not a lot to enjoy about the Bulls beating you.
  • Russell Westbrook quadruple-double: 24 points, 17 rebounds, 13 assists, 10 turnovers.
  • Let it sink in that the Bulls beat us on Friday and still managed to lose a game by 56 points and meltdown as an organization before the week was over. That’s actually impressive.

Everything Else

  • Russell Westbrook was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He talked about his new shoes and even gave a pair away to a Thunder fan in the crowd.
  • Russ has been doing a lot of gifting this season. He picks out a young Thunder fan after every game and hands over his shoes.
  • The Thunder will be debuting a new alternate jersey at the end of December. Leaked pictures confirm that rumors that the sunset colorway is making its triumphant return.
  • I like them. It’s like the Sunset Alternates and Statement Jerseys combined. I still have the original Sunsets as the best Thunder uni of all time, though.
  • The Warriors (18-9) currently sit at #1 in the Western Conference standings. The Thunder (16-8) are second. I wouldn’t be surprised if we head into the playoffs the exact same way.

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